How to port legacy functionality to newer code; workflow.

  If you ever needed to make a legacy code work with the newer one you might have noticed that it is a bit of a challenge; especially if you are not the author of neither version and original creator is no longer available to be constantly harassed and followed with questions about why things the… Continue reading How to port legacy functionality to newer code; workflow.

RL. part 1. What is Reinforcement Learning? Intuition.

    The idea behind Reinforcement Learning (RL later) is fairly simple and intuitive. Let's learn by interacting with what we are trying to master. One analogy that in my opinion explains the term in a good way is any kind of a puzzle (box puzzle in particular) that does not let you see its… Continue reading RL. part 1. What is Reinforcement Learning? Intuition.

Few reasons why Emacs. Part 1.

When I say to people that I use Emacs, I get "the look".       Emacs is definitely not for everyone. Using Emacs is more of a hobby that requires some level of curiosity and persistence; and learning curve is not really a curve, but more of a skyscraper with a few balconies to chill while… Continue reading Few reasons why Emacs. Part 1.

What to do when you want to learn so much but there is so little time to do it?

Get your goals out of your head; write them down. Make a plan; goal without a plan is a wish.The best plan is the one you stick to; NO EXCUSES! Reward yourself, after achieving even a small goal. Don't rush, you've got time!